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Product Information

THSTEP25 Microstepping Stepper Motor Driver

See our Products Page for ordering.

THSTEP25 Documentation

Datasheet - Instructions, Parts list, etc.


Parts Placement

PICmicro Firmware Listing for Idle Current Reduction

Allegro A3977 - The heart of the THSTEP25

A3977 Product Page (on Allegro's Website)

A3977 Datasheet (on Allegro's Website)

Surface Mount (SMT) Soldering Tutorials

Toaster-Oven Reflow Soldering Article by Kenneth Maxon
- We've tried this method of syringe dispensing solder paste and it works great!

Toaster-Oven Reflow Soldering Article by Bob Rooks
- Based on the use of a stencil, but also include a lot of good info on reflow.

THSTEP25's In Action

Dom at NCS Products describes how he dealt with power supply noise causing false steps.

More examples of what our customers have done with THSTEP25's

Send us your photos and links!!!